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Carabiner FAQ

Selection of questions and answers all about carabiners and Freskaro carabiner products.

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Amazon listing Question and Answers

The data source is Freskaro models.

The typical store-bought carabiner without a gate lock is an accident waiting to happen. The most secure carabiner is a screw lock which requires two hands to secure or remove. A quality twist gate provides the security features of the screw gate and the convenience of one-hand operation. The most secure carabiner is a screw lock which requires two hands to secure or remove. A quality twist gate provides the security features of the screw gate and the convenience of one-hand operation. The rough construction of this carabiner makes one-handed use difficult. That being said, the carabiner is lightweight and the gate relatively secure, rendering it acceptable for 99% of most household uses and a major improvement over typical carabiners. DO NOT USE FOR CLIMBING!

The diameter of the carabiner frame is 0.28″, and I checked the diameter of 7/16 combination wrench is 0.7″, so you can use this carabiner for the wrench. Please check the diameter of your wrench and then decide it.

I have 3 dogs all in the 80 to 90 range. Worked beautifully for them. 2 are pits so the are very strong pullers and I used this to attach them to the floor of my yukon so they couldn’t jump out when the hatch opened. Works awesome! Hope this helps

The Aluminum frame diameter is around 1/3”.

Yes, the carabiner could be opened with one hand. If you are not used to open it by one hand, then please use both hands.

All our Carabiners are manufactured in Shenzhen, China using only the highest quality verified 7075 AL

1.Modern life, we know you are busy, save your time is save your life. With the twist lock, it needs less than 1s to open or close the carabiner, 5times quicker than the screw lock.

2.Auto Locking, it is more safety to hang your keys or hammocks in case you forgot to screw up in a hurry with the traditional screw gate carabiners

The inner length is2.64inches/6.7cm , the inner width is 1.81inches/3cm

The carabiner size fits the device, but this carabiner is not designed for climbing, ascending, or descending. Please check Freskaro another model 25kN carabiner.

The UIAA Certificate No. of this carabiner is CHN 20-5675 , brand name: Freskaro, product number: FK-1272TN. Please feel free to contact customer service for return or refund if you have any question about the item. We are appreciated for your question and suggestions.Best wishes to you.

This carabiner could hold 4850lbs during static situation,and we didn’t try it during movements situation. Please contact seller if you need a sample to try.

The box says CHINA. Looking at the included documentation, I believe they are indeed made in china.

3/8 inch

The item is printed with UIAA in warehouse, the images of this listing are old images, and we will change them. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I haven’t used them for that purpose.I will say they hold me and I am over three hundred pounds.

Not sure.

I’ve been using them to climb for awhile now but I am going to up grade to triple locking biners. I don’t like these just for the fact that they only twist to open, not slide up, twist, then open.

I would definitely say they are worth it. They are sturdy and they work great! I have had no issues with them. I will deffinetly be buying more of them.

Yes, it can support a hammock with 1 or 2 adults in it.

No, it’s not magnetic.

For lifting yes. Not for a lifeline. Buy the expensive climbing ones. Don’t cheap out on safety.

For sure

Just so it’s not fire rated, and it’s designed not for high temperatures as would buckle and melt at 600 degree.

No it will not

For climbing I use brands that are well known and recognized for decades. This was a cheaper option for me to use for my dog’s leash. I personally would not use these though I suppose you could.

Don’t know, but there is marked as ce2008

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