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Carabiner Product Table

The product table here shows key details on each model range.

Table Compare 25kN Carabiner Twist Lock OperationTable Compare 12kN Auto Locking CarabinerTable Compare 12kN Screw Gate CarabinerTable Compare 12kN Wire Gate CarabinerTable Compare 25kN Screw Locking CarabinerTable Compare 26kN Wide Opening Black Carabiner
Tensile Strength2,495kg / 5,621lb1,224kg / 2,698lb1,224kg / 2,698lb1,224kg / 2,698lb2,495kg / 5,621lb2,600kg / 5,732lb
Rating (kN)251212122526
Locking Type×
Locking MethodAutoAutoScrewSpringScrewAuto
Size (mm) [inch]99 x 58.78
[3.93″ x 2.3″]
81 x 30
[3.19″ x 1.18″]
81 x 43
[3.19″ x 1.69″]
79.75 x 47
[3.14″ x 1.85″]
100 x 58.42
[3.94″ x 2.3″]
110 x 58.78
[4.23″ x 2.3″]
Gate Opening17mm [0.66″]15mm [0.59″]15mm [0.59″]19.8mm [0.78″]17mm [0.67″]25mm [0.98″]
Weight57g / [2.01oz]31g / [1.09oz]31g / [1.09oz]19.8g / [0.7oz]62g / [2.19oz]80g / [2.82oz]
ColoursBlack / Space GreyBlack / PinkBlackBlackBlackBlack
ApplicationsRock Climbing, Rappelling(Abseiling),
Canyoneering etc.
Hammocks, Camping, Backpacking, Everyday CarryEDC Carabiner for Keys, Dog Leash, Bird Feeders, Sporting EquipmentEcomonical uses, with lightest light.Heavy duty with screw lock safety.Multi-rope with Wide Opening Gate
UIAA CertifiedYesN/A*N/A*N/A*NoNo
* Climbing certified carabiners for UIAA and EN 12275:2013 must be rated greater 20kN

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