How are Carabiners Made

A brief overview of our climbing carabiners, from raw material to a finished product.

How it all begins – crafting from scratch Carabiners

Untampered raw 7075 Aluminum is delivered in coiled rolls, this is direct from qualified and approved suppliers. We track and check goods in materials are with the correct stamped certificate.

AL 7075

RAW 7075 Aluminum

Stamping Moulds

Carabiner Mold casting

Mould foaming stamps are used and re-made to keep consistency.

Carabiners use high-pressure stamping, where a pre-cut raw 7075 strips are bent into a close match shape, then under extreme hydraulic pressure formed into what you see close to a final product.

Ready to get hot and polished

And the final steps for a finished product.

Once formed the carabiners follow additional steps.

  1. Polished using a large drum and soft stones and water gives that smooth touch finish.
  2. Heat-treated (tempered) so outside the normal 7075, this hardens the carabiner to give that extra strength.
  3. Electrolytic Painting to give the colour and beauty.
  4. Attachment of barrel or wire clips.
  5. Industrial laser branding. (check our youtube video)

Check out the short factory video we made below:

Completed Body

Finished Carabiners

Short Factory Tour Video

We test sample every batch to meet the kN standards.

And for the final Quality Check (QC), we test every device lock/unlocks or latch releases 100% perfectly.

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